Record Book Services & Workshops


Workshops and Coaching Support Packages for Using Your Record Book

Is your Corporate Record Book providing a doorstop for your office door or just collecting dust on your shelf?
Did you open your book up and close it again to get around to it “someday”…or did you not even get around to purchasing one?

Record books are a crucial element to the effective and legal execution of your corporation. Lawsuits, internal and external, have been won or loss on the utilization of the record book.

Corporate Credibility, LLC offers various workshops and coaching support packages that help you go through the basics of your record book for both an LLC or a corporation. The services and workshops include such subjects as what is the purpose of an operating agreement, when and how to fill out resolutions and how to distribute and transfer stock This is not a one time occurance, but can be an on-going business function that is important to document for legal reasons.

The workshops provide a hands-on learning and fulfillment of function, with each client working on their own record book. We can also provide books, resolutions and additional information for your books if required. Call our office for our next scheduled events or for a record book coaching package that fits your company’s specific needs.

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