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We designed this class initially based on the concerns from a variety of real estate professionals who, after spending the money to incorporate, discovered that their new entity did not meet with the newly enforced Nevada Real Estate Division regulations.  Thus, they had to repeat the process, wasting valuable money and time.  In addition, we have discovered that, although they are experts in the area of real estate, agents and brokers often have a number of questions on some basic business issues that are crucial to the success of their business.  This class fills in some of those gaps in a format that is interactive, fun, and easy to understand.

Recently we have also added two section that are applicable to the changing real estate market. We have a section specifically on how to utilize the LLC to protect clients (or realtors!) who may have multiple properties, some of which they are keeping, some of which are going through foreclosures or short sales. We have also added a section on international investors and how to use LLCs to lower their federal taxes from 30% to 15% and how to make it easier to work with them to set up bank account to secure properties.

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